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Textile History Paper Doll Barbie
American textile history is printed on sixteen paper doll Barbie’s clothes. Original doll from 1980 found at Elsewhere Museum and Residency. History is in the form of text and images from mill worker interviews and portraits, tools, statistics, and mill life folk songs.

MEDIUM AND SIZE: 4-3/4" x 13-1/2" 1-1/8" box. Digital prints cut paper doll clothes. Found object into sculptural book. Edition of 10. Original at Elsewhere Museum and artist's copy are smaller-sized versions.

From Catherine Alice Michaelis, artist and curator, with Cynthia Sears:
"They (with Cavernous) arrived and we love them! These are both wonderful pieces. Cynthia and I spent so much time putting all the clothes on the paper doll form and commenting on the doll's privilege and indifference. Great work."