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Image is of First Foods


First Foods
Dioramas and stories of my very first foods as a child. Each story is printed on a card. There are 4 dioramas in an art installation on a long table.
(Exhibited at C-Platform Art & Design, Xiamen, Fujian, China 2017)

Table of Conscience
Misunderstood text can happen when one learns a new language, whether it is the second language at any age or the first language at an early age. I think that surprising intersections of cultures are revealed in misunderstood texts. People are invited to share their story and make a misunderstood text pin to wear and keep. Some of these photos and stories will be part of a future zine/artist book.
(Public Interaction with Tongue Tide at Flux Factory, Queens, New York, USA 2017)

Lace Spoons
These spoons were made by hand crochet in a lace style. They are hand-crafted, but utterly useless to use as the common utensil.
(Exhibited at C-Platform Art & Design, Xiamen, Fujian, China 2017)

Fruit & Vegetable Papers
Handmade papers made from pure individual fruits or vegetables, no additives. Fruits and vegetables are our source of SUSTENANCE AS FOOD and their fiber also makes paper which is our SUSTENANCE FOR CULTURE: as grounds for our drawing and writing.
(Exhibited at C-Platform Art & Design, Xiamen, Fujian, China 2017)

Bleeding Hearts: For Historic Women Printmakers
I wear a black tutu that has 28 crocheted and knitted heart/uteruses on the skirt. Inside each heart/uterus is a card. People are invited to read these cards about woman printmakers born before 1899.
(Public Performance/Interaction at Art in the Park during Southern Graphics International Council 2017 Conference in Atlanta, GA, USA)

A Conversation Between Donald Trump and Lao Tzu
The conversation brings together the Chinese philosopher from 6th century B.C. to Donald Trump 2017 with direct quotes.
(Performed with LiVEART.US Performance & Subversion, 2017 at The Queens Museum, Queens, NY, USA)


Artist Residency
Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
October 2018