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Spycode Civil War Jacket, 2022 and ongoing
Spycode Civil War Jacket, 2022 and ongoing
Embroidery with Metallic Threads
20” Width x 10” deep 27” tall. [50.8w x 25.4d x 68.6h]

This Civil War jacket in Thomas’ size has a statement about what he was called throughout his lifetime and what he called himself. Note: there are racist words and microaggressions included. Most of the text is in silver thread. Racist words are small and in gold thread. Magenta metallic threads show Thomas' self-identified words.

My Original Message
During Thomas’ lifetime and directed to him personally, are microaggressions and outright racist words. He is called “ChinamanTom”, “Chink” “Rat-eater” “Chinkee” “Lost Pig-tail” “Slanty-eyed” “Chink-Nigger”. He calls himself a ‘ChineseYankee’. When asked if he is a “heathen”, he answers that he is Episcopal. NYTimes calls him and his life “singular”.

The Message with influence from Union Army Civil War Spy Code Route Transposition
On the Jacket, spiraling around front, across sleeves, and back
Asked answers if during outright racist to he him Chinaman Tom Chink Chink-Nigger. NYTimes calls Him Singular. he that calls he words Personally Episcopal. And are he a life is his. microaggressions is when Chinese Yankee directed called Slanty-eyed Rat-eater Lost Pig-tail. Chink Heathen Chinkee himself is he. and Thomas’ lifetime.