Performance > Fairy Tale Bingo

20 Bingo cards of quotes from classic fairy tales. Out of context to the original stories, the quotes take on suggestive meanings. Playing the game reveals how much of a common collective memory we share. There is a performance script for the Bingo Caller. The images show the Bingo Caller, the Keyboardist, and the Prizes Presenter.
Performance site: Elsewhere Artists Collaborative, USA.

MEDIUM AND SIZE: Bingo cards digitally printed and laminated, call card, and performance script.

From Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Museums: Review, July 2, 2021
Exhibition: Mazes + Maps, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
"In handsome artist books, Irene Chan reinterprets diversions as complex as the I Ching and as simple as bingo. ... design and craft are central to Chan’s work"