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Thomas’ Domestic Life: Little Ella and Her Siblings
Thomas’ Domestic Life: Little Ella and Her Siblings
Book Arts Victorian Valentines with paper lithography
5-1/8” diameter [13cm diameter]

Detail: Lifting the top reveals a hidden image.

Inside is a photo of Thomas’ daughter Little Ella with her three dolls which represent her brother and two sisters. In the background is an example of Yellow Peril with the text ‘Chinese Must Go’ which was popular at the time and businesses, like Magic Washer here would use the popular sentiment in their ads.

A townsperson hurls racial slurs at Thomas’ children and hits them. Thomas is still fighting after the war; he takes the racist townsperson to court and wins.

Magic Washer Ad using the popular slogan ‘Chinese Must Go’ published by Chicago, Shober & Carqueville Lith Co., 1886. Catalogued by Library of Congress 93500013.