Irene Chan | Ch'An Press
Might, 2019
A blue collaged sky on the underside of the toolbox lid is over a cemetery of white tombstone cast paper sculptures. Lift the top tier of the box and underneath there are multiple bright green folded grasses over a bed of dried moss. The large origami grasses are a series of nine books with quotes from 26 people of advice and comments: tools for death and life.

Participant in Multitudes V: Toolbox by publisher Container (Jenni B. Baker and Douglas Luman). The Multitudes project is about transforming an ordinary object into a one-of-a-kind art and text object.

MEDIUM AND SIZE: Assemblage, decoupage, handmade paper sculpture cast from hand-carved rubber stamps, a series of 9 artist books, origami, and dried moss.

For purchasing inquiry, contact the Publisher Container.