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\ I-Ching Cards /, 2019
The I-Ching, The Book of Changes is a 3000-year-old oracle Chinese divination tool that does not tell you what to do, but inspires you to answer your own questions. This set includes an instruction sheet on how to throw the I-Ching yourself with these cards.

MEDIUM AND SIZE: Artist Book with original text interpretation and images from relief prints. Edition of 50. 4.5"x6.5"x1" [11.3x16.5x2x5cm ] Box with 64- 4"x6" [1.6x2.4cm ] cards and instructions. Original images were hand printed by hand-carved rubber stamps. This artist book is offset printed.

I do personal readings and imprint with a temporary tattoo as performance/public interaction piece Throw, Im-Print ~ I-Ching.

From Eric Bush, Jaffe Center for Book Arts:
“Irene Chan has created a book for our current times titled, \I-Ching Cards/.Taking from a rich cultural tradition and using processes which mimic those used for centuries, she has re-imagined a philosophical system to help balance the chaos and symmetry of our lives. Describing her work, Irene states, “\I-Ching Cards/, the activity is interactive. One is able to ‘read’ in infinite directions as it guides one through life”. Through creating this beautiful work, Irene shows us the excitement and even enjoyment of playing through the I-Ching system, offering us a glimpse into each day’s possibilities."